Wednesday, 4 April 2012

A Dogs Dinner

A Dogs Dinner 
Pic from Mail Online 
Eat! Eat! eat the lot 
My mum says 
As she dishes slop 
Go on eat it up !
If you don't eat 
You'll stop growing ...Just Stop ! 

Eat! Eat! eat some more 
My mums says
Sneaking slop to my dog on the floor 
Good boy she says for eating up
Well my dog needs it too.... he's just a pup! 

Eat! Eat! eat it all 
My mum always says 
Your'll grow up tall 
Eat it all up but it's not a race 
Eat it nicely,have manners
Don't be a disgrace !

So what I can't eat 
I share with my pup  
Together we're a team 
We eat it all up 
We're not a disgrace 
My plate is squeaky clean
Empty, no waste !! 


  1. dogs don't eat very neatly

    glad you love dogs enough to write a poem about them. i have a lot of dog poems on my page.

    this is what i put up on poetry rally, today, though


  2. Brilliant :) I was never able to do this with my dog when I was little as she wasn't allowed in the dining room at meal times...

  3. Have yet to see a plate that is not squeaky clean after a dogs dinner :)

  4. Oh yes! The dog is always there to help. Fun write!