Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The Silliness Bug

The Silliness Bug 

Silliness isn't catching, it's not a disease 
It's all very natural just like a big sneeze   
Silliness can be so much fun, 
Though as you get older it becomes undone! 

Grown ups seem to have lost the silliness bug 
So when you feel silly just give one a hug !
Watch their eyes twinkle, sparkle and shine, 
It brings back their memories of their silliness times !

So keep messing around, acting silly, behaving like a clown 
Keep the silliness bug and vamoosh all the frowns ! 
Spread all the love and hugs that silliness brings, 
Soon you may hear giggling that sings ! 

So lets spread the silliness disease 
Watch the grown ups be daft, Please ! 
Then everyone can have at least some times 
When Life all around is *****Yipees ! 

1 comment:

  1. The lesson is simple: Do not be afraid to do silliness, something that only children do. Do not miss the charm of innocence. Smile, be a clown, always!