Saturday, 11 February 2012

Fairies In Bluebell Woods

Fairies In Bluebell Woods 
Coton Manor bluebell woods
 © David Ross

In the spring time where the bluebells spread,
Is a magical wonderland where fairies are wed,
They gather from all over the lands,
Holding their sweethearts delicate hands, 
They fly with grace and lightening speed, 
The fairy queen in front, taking the lead 
Then under those turquoise, bluebell blooms 
Are aisles full of nervous fairy brides and grooms 
If you listen very carefully you can hear the bee's humming, 
The elves on fallen acorns drumming 
Butterflies will flit and flutter
As those loved up fairies utter
The words that will bond them together, forever
Then when you see a misty, hazy blue, 
It's not just the sweet morning dewy, dew, 
It's all the married fairies taking flight 
What you are seeing is a sparkly light 
What a joy ,what a surprise 
For the light of  love can be seen clearly to our eyes !


  1. smiles...a magical little piece kez...saw the new blog on your profile and thought i would jump over...not disappointed i did...smiles.

  2. That's lovely and so true...I've seen them

  3. Good Job! Me loves :)

  4. Oh I can smell those bluebell woods seeing the fae dancing and frolics - another piece of magic -divine - hugs Lib