Monday, 30 April 2012

Rainbows In The Sky


Rainbows in the sky, 
Are tricks mainly of the eye, 
For tiny sprites are climbing stairs 
Into fluffy clouds hanging there,
Beyond the marshmallow swirls 
Up those glassy stairs that curl,
Up and up they rise 
To the fairy castle in the skies 
Sprites of red, orange, green and blue 
Yellow, violet and an indigo hue
Gather every time it rains
But only when the sun shines, 
To gossip, party and have a grand time,
So if a rainbow suddenly appears 
Bow to the wonder and give a cheer 
Blow up a gentle kiss 
Who Knows a sprite my grant you your dearest wish !


Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The Fairy Ring

The Fairy Ring 
(There is music below)

When you stir in bed and take a yawn 
As the moonlight fades and in comes the dawn 
Sleepily do you hear a magical ting
Its not your imagination 
It's the queen of the fairies calling all to the fairy ring, 
Delicately and with flair they prance 
To meet and speak of the annual fairy dance 

They chat excitedly with such glee 
Along with the butterflies, swans and bees 
They talk of fairy dresses shining like silk, 
Made from rose petals and flowers of the same ilk 
The swans preening at their snow white feathers become flustered
For as fairy carriages they obey the queens rules,
And pass muster,
The butterflies will attend for d├ęcor,
The buzzing bees supply the music and perhaps an encore. 

So with all the arrangements made
The fairies leave their wooded glade 
With dreams of fairy castles in the sky 
When they will dance merrily and excitedly fly,
The swans will fly them through the clouds 
And those busy bees will play real loud,
So if you see a fairy ring 
Remember how much joy it brings, 
Never to touch those rings is a must,
For all the party plans are written in fairy dust! 

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The Silliness Bug

The Silliness Bug 

Silliness isn't catching, it's not a disease 
It's all very natural just like a big sneeze   
Silliness can be so much fun, 
Though as you get older it becomes undone! 

Grown ups seem to have lost the silliness bug 
So when you feel silly just give one a hug !
Watch their eyes twinkle, sparkle and shine, 
It brings back their memories of their silliness times !

So keep messing around, acting silly, behaving like a clown 
Keep the silliness bug and vamoosh all the frowns ! 
Spread all the love and hugs that silliness brings, 
Soon you may hear giggling that sings ! 

So lets spread the silliness disease 
Watch the grown ups be daft, Please ! 
Then everyone can have at least some times 
When Life all around is *****Yipees ! 

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

A Dogs Dinner

A Dogs Dinner 
Pic from Mail Online 
Eat! Eat! eat the lot 
My mum says 
As she dishes slop 
Go on eat it up !
If you don't eat 
You'll stop growing ...Just Stop ! 

Eat! Eat! eat some more 
My mums says
Sneaking slop to my dog on the floor 
Good boy she says for eating up
Well my dog needs it too.... he's just a pup! 

Eat! Eat! eat it all 
My mum always says 
Your'll grow up tall 
Eat it all up but it's not a race 
Eat it nicely,have manners
Don't be a disgrace !

So what I can't eat 
I share with my pup  
Together we're a team 
We eat it all up 
We're not a disgrace 
My plate is squeaky clean
Empty, no waste !!