Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The Fairy Ring

The Fairy Ring 
(There is music below)

When you stir in bed and take a yawn 
As the moonlight fades and in comes the dawn 
Sleepily do you hear a magical ting
Its not your imagination 
It's the queen of the fairies calling all to the fairy ring, 
Delicately and with flair they prance 
To meet and speak of the annual fairy dance 

They chat excitedly with such glee 
Along with the butterflies, swans and bees 
They talk of fairy dresses shining like silk, 
Made from rose petals and flowers of the same ilk 
The swans preening at their snow white feathers become flustered
For as fairy carriages they obey the queens rules,
And pass muster,
The butterflies will attend for décor,
The buzzing bees supply the music and perhaps an encore. 

So with all the arrangements made
The fairies leave their wooded glade 
With dreams of fairy castles in the sky 
When they will dance merrily and excitedly fly,
The swans will fly them through the clouds 
And those busy bees will play real loud,
So if you see a fairy ring 
Remember how much joy it brings, 
Never to touch those rings is a must,
For all the party plans are written in fairy dust! 


  1. So enchanting and magical, really lovely.

  2. Love to be whisked away by the whimsy! This is just should see my smile. Love the new place to play by the way!

  3. ha...this was enjoyable...gotta watch those fairies too they like to have a bit of fun...just went to midsummer nights dream not tolong ago...smiles....

  4. Very magical and breezy and enjoyable to read and experience your word choices and line structure, aliteration, rhymes. I too had a vision of shakespere's play. Very dreamy and well written.

  5. ha the magic of the dance, the surreal and joyful atmosphere and those fairies know how to party for sure...smiles

  6. The magic fills this in every aspect i love it

  7. Whimsical and dreamy I love every bit of reading it. Like a child i wanted to stay here with the music and all. Big smile on my face and childhood wonder is awake now. Thanks

  8. ...and I'm a child again...with the magic and wonder I believed in then...and secretly do now...sometimes.. Looking under mushroom caps for the little people. :) Love the accomanying music. This is a real charmer! Thank you!

  9. Sweet poem, delightful video, thanks for the smile.

  10. Oh how did this escape from under my faery radar - I loves it!!! am listening to the enchanted music - eyes agog - just in time for preparation for the biggest night of all Midsummer - parties and wishes galore - sprinkled with fairy dust splendor - over every part - and so softly I creep to go full of smiles and warm inside - to share in magical splendor -- hugs you Lib x x