Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The Jungle Beat

The Jungle Beat 

Marvin The Monkey had  wander lust, 
To forsake his home, 
Find his Love for music was a must. 

He packed for a safari, 
animated gifsanimated gifsTaking his secret weapons, 
His musical bananas Cheeky and Charlie. 

They trudged miles to the beach, 
To recreate the sound, 
Of the jungle beat.  

Cheeky and Charlie their guitars, they did strum, 
Marvin used coconuts. 
To play Like a drum.

Free Animations
The sounds they made were so cool, 
Soon they were begged,
To open a rock school.

So Marvin ,Cheeky and Charlie, 
Worked hard at what they loved, 
And lived their lives happily !

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