Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A Fairy Tale

A Fairy Tale 
Margaret Bednar

Marshmallow clouds in a vanilla sky 
Surround a sugar castle
The colour of cherry pie 
At it's door there stands proud, 
Unicorns who have vowed 
To protect the fairies
Who come to play 
With the buzzing bees
That dance and buzz all day. 

Within the pink sugar castle. 
A princess excitedly awaits 
Her prince charming 
To arrive for their dinner date 
Where  penguins on skates 
Serve their meal off ice crystal plates
The skinny little crickets will play their wings 
Making summer music 
While love birds chirp along and sing.

Prince charming will kneel 
Take his Princess by her delicate hand, 
He'll ask her then to be Queen in this wonderful fairy land 
The buzzing bees and fairies will dance 
While those magical unicorns will daintily prance 
In the garden of their sugar candy castle 
Found in the fluffy marshmallow clouds
Where only very, very, happy fairy tales are allowed !

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