Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Cool Mountain Cats

Cool Mountain Cats 

Conrad a crazy cool cat,
Thought he was so cool,
He'd race down a mountain,
Without going splat.

Chemmy the sno bunny
Offered him advice,
She told him to turn,
  Watch out for ice!

Conrad who always  knew better
Skied downhill straight
Down, down
He flew till it was too late!

Conrad the crazy cool cat,

Had not listen 
The mountain was icy and steep 
He landed at the bottom in a heap
A sore and meowing splat 
Conrad the embarrassed silly cat 

Chemmy the sno bunny, 
Snow plowed and turned,
Skied down and returned,
Again and again, 
She felt such a thrill
Conquering the hill! 

 So who was the coolest cat on the mountain 
That day ?

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