Saturday, 9 June 2012

Mr Tickles


Here comes Mr Tickle 
He's not just reserved for the very little, 
He'll tickle you till you roll around, 
Wiggle and giggling, skirming on the ground,  
You'll Chuckle with gusto out of control,
Allowing all those nightmare monsters silly heads to roll 
So every Saturday or at least once a week as a guide 
Across the twitterverse and nations wide 
We should have a humongous tickle fest !
Then when your feeling good and full of fun 
Share it around ,Pass it on 
Tickle him, tickle everyone, everywhere,
Tickles are much much more fun
When tickling laughs are there to share x 


  1. Ohh so loved this - he was my fave - used to have my son (now 40) laughing his head off as we used to send Mr tickle down the stairs to get a biscuit with his long tickle arm - Mr Bump was second - Ouch! still have them all - couldn't part - Oh what a great start to the week - am tickled - :)) Lib x x x

  2. Dear Life is Yipees~ fun fun fun~ LOVE Mr. Tickles~ Great idea to make a poem and expand on the Mr series